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Software & Advertising Agency

Stand out in the digital world with innovative solutions!

Our agency, specializing in software and advertising services, offers creative and effective strategies to increase the potential of your business.

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How Does the Process Progress?

1. Consultation and Planning Phase

It starts with a detailed consultation and analysis to understand the needs of the business or customer.

Interviews and meetings are held to understand the customer's goals, expectations, requirements and special requests.

We make suggestions according to the customer's wishes, develop strategies and create a plan for you.

2. Implementation Phase

Gefsun Digital produces customized solutions for the customer, develops and designs the project.

Work on services such as software development, creation of advertising campaigns, and website design takes place at this stage.

Constant communication and updates can show the client the progress of the project and make corrections when necessary.

3. Delivery Phase

Completion of the project and presentation to the customer; Source code, design files, advertising accounts are offered.

The work completed during the implementation phase is delivered to the customer and approval is obtained. Necessary revision procedures are completed at this stage.

After delivery, services such as 24/7 technical support.

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