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The term cookie refers to some files that have been sent to your computer by other computers. These files remain stored on your computer and the site recognizes you when you re-enter the site managed by the computer to which they were sent.


Are Cookies Harmful ?

If there is good intentions, we may even say that cookies are useful. For example, you have visited a site and become a member. You have created a password and username for the site. The site will ask you permission to remember this username and password. Or, there will be phrases like "Keep me logged in.", "Remember me." If you mark them as "Yes", the site will automatically recognize you. That's the reason for the cookies.


When you first visit this site, the system recognizes you by means of cookies that are sent to your computer by the system. You will not be prompted for a password for your next entries. All of this applies to good-faith uses. However, coookie files are also used for online fraud and many people are victimized.


Cookie Abuse

These files bring harm as well as benefits. These text files, which are sent to you by other computers, do not always run smoothly and can sometimes infect your system. In fact, because of these viruses, confidential information on your computer can be stolen. So you need to be careful about cookies.


Can we Prevent Cookies from Being Sent to our Computer ?

Of course, this is very easy to achieve. To do this, simply enter your computer's "Settings" section, you can prevent sending cookies. But be sure you will regret it after a while and you will want to undo this process. Because of this, you will have to enter the passwords of the sites you use every day and provide access in this way. For this reason, sending cookies to your computer completely is not the solution to this ...


Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Cookies ?

Instead of completely preventing cookies from being sent to your computer, you can clear cookies on your computer at certain times, such as once a month or every fifteen days. Although these files are small in size, each site you enter is sent to you separately by cookies after a while on your computer will accumulate and the system will start to work problems. Therefore, these cookies should be cleaned regularly.


What Should be Done to Clear a Cookie ?

There are different methods for this in each browser. If you're using Google Chrome, under the "Tools" tab, you can clear cookies by following the "advanced options" section, followed by the "privacy, content settings, all cookies and site data" sections. If you're using Mozilla, it's easier to do business in Mozilla. Again, starting from the "tools" tab, clicking on "options", and then using the "clear recent history" option will clear the cookies.


If you are using Internet Explorer browser, here is the way to clear cookies: "Tools" section, "Internet options, and then click on "delete" section is sufficient.


Is the Cookie Automatically Deleted over Time ?

Cookies will delete itself, but how long it will take depends on the site that sends it to you. So that sometimes a cookie sent by a site will be deleted in just one hour, and when you re-enter that site in an hour, you will have to enter your password again. Sometimes cookies are sent to a computer for a year. Therefore, it is better to clean them at regular intervals without waiting for them to delete them.

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