What is IMAP ? What is it ?

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The word IMAP is basically an abbreviation of the head of Internet Message Access Protocol. This protocol allows you to manage your e-mails directly via the e-mail server.


If you are going to explain more, if you are going to set up an e-mail on your device and choose IMAP as a protocol, you will receive the notification and the part containing the subject line when you receive an e-mail message. If you want to open an e-mail and read it, then your device will download the contents of the e-mail from the e-mail server.


Any changes you make to the e-mail server, folder creation, and many other processes will also provide validity on devices that set up your e-mail. In addition, IMAP provides support for incoming messages via multiple devices.


Differences Between IMAP and POP3

The most basic difference is that when you receive an e-mail to your e-mail server, it is automatically synchronized with the devices you have set up your e-mail. Any changes you make to a device will be valid for all devices on which you install the e-mail.


However, if you are going to install POP3 on your device, it will download the mail to your device and delete it via e-mail server. Creating folders and doing other operations will not appear on other devices by not synchronizing with other devices.


Therefore, if you want to receive electronic messages from your device, it is useful to select the Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a healthier and more useful protocol as it is done on the e-mail server and not on the local device as in POP3.

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