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When we face today's developing world, many new concepts emerge every day. We see it on smart devices, especially Android devices, where we use the word Webview.


What Is WebView ? 

WebView; It means a browser engine contained within an application. In terms of the word meaning, it is a system component that serves to display the content of the website in any application within the application.


Webview is the operating system by using the functions of a browser directly on the application instead of switching to a browser application and running the links we will click while using any application. If we give an example; Instead of accessing a link clicked on Instagram via Chrome or any other browser, the WebView component benefits according to the device operating system used by Instagram. It is opening that link without switching to a different application in Instagram. A Webview also provides protection for malware that may come from in-app links.


What is WebView Application ?

After learning the general meaning of the word Webview, this time we come across Webview Application terms. The area where webview applications are mostly used is that website owners have an iOS webview application or an android webview application, since the costs of printing native applications for their own websites will be high. It is the type of application that they can download and access in the form of an application.


In this sense, Webview application prices offer a more affordable price than native mobile application prices. The reason for this is the way it works as if it is a native application, showing that the website has a special application that can be downloaded from their smart devices and has a native appearance. In fact, in this application, it shows you the appearance of the website you have seen in that application by performing the operations done by the browser in the background.


WebView Application Benefits

When you have the WebView mobile application of your website made, every change made on your website is transferred to your mobile application in the same way. The basic principle is that it takes a one-to-one image of your website in the form of a mobile application.


If you have a native application, changing something in the native application will cost you extra. Thanks to the WebView application, all the changes you make on your website will also appear in the webview application without requiring any application updates.


If you want to have the WebView mobile application of your website made and have it published in markets such as the App Store, Play Store, you can reach our mobile applications support page by clicking the link below, you can get price information by contacting us.

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