What Is HTML ?

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The basic concept that almost everyone who does research on web design comes across is HTML. HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language", which is a standard text sign language used in creating web pages. Contrary to popular misconception, HTML is not a programming language. To explain more clearly, the language that browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Yandex read and make sense of is HTML.


What Does HTML Do?

HTML helps web designers create structure profiles, links, block quotes, paragraphs, and headings for pages and applications. In this regard, web pages can be shaped by using tags and attributes, which are simple code structures. HTML can actually be called the skeleton of a website. In other words, the website cannot be coded without HTML codes.


HTML, which must be used when creating websites and pages, is one of the easiest markup languages for beginners to learn. You can improve yourself for a systematic study by taking HTML lessons, and you can try the information you have learned at the stage of designing a web page. Over time, you can learn more than you already have and have a say in website design.


Most Used HTML Codes

HTML codes are snippets that make up the structure of a web page. Whatever code is used, it must all start with "<" and end with ">". You should always know some simple HTML codes. You will need to use these codes in more than one place on the web pages you prepare. But first, you need to know what a basic HTML document structure should be like. According to this;


: All HTML documents must begin with this code. This code actually shows that the page is coded according to HTML5 format.: In this basic usage, also known as root tag, all HTML codes must be defined between these two tags.: It is the tag area where all visible pieces of HTML code are added.: It is the tag that contains the language, title and other arrangements of the web page.
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