What are Header Tags in HTML5 ?

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In this article and written content, which is a continuation of the previous article, after learning the basic structure of HTML5, it is time to learn HTML5 Title Tags. The title tags are very important in the website we will create, but the search engines actually review your content according to the title tags. The use of HTML5 Header Tags therefore plays a very important role.


HTML5 Headings Tags

The use of title tags in HTML5 not only allows search engines to be lost in the content you have typed in users who visit your website. In this way, by adding headers to your content on your web site to the visitor to the topic after that which you are notified about what you are giving information about the topic.


As an example, the date in an article that you have written about the Republic of Turkey, presidents, will have to write in moieties such as prime ministers of Your writing take them to the title will allow search engines and visitors to your website then easily find that search content.


HTML5 header tags are 6 in total. These are respectively :


HTML5 Title

HTML5 Title

HTML5 Title

HTML5 Title

HTML5 Title
HTML5 Title


It shaped. The title tags are in the order of importance. and tags are the most important, while other title tags show less importance than andFor example, if you want to make the size of any title tag that you would use from the HTML5 Header Tags above to look larger than it is, the code you should type in the tag:


we need to write. You can specify how much the font size should be by inserting a style into the tag, and then typing the font-size after the font-size. If you want to give a percentage value not in pixels, just put “% is on the” px ”. This allows you to increase the size of HTML5 titles.

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