How to Install Plesk Panel ?

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Installed on servers with both Windows and Linux operating systems, Plesk Panel is used by a large user base. Plesk Panel, which allows us to easily handle all hosting operations, also stands out by providing you with a great deal of time and convenience in the management of your sites.


How to Install Plesk Panel ?

There are multiple methods to install Plesk Panel. The most well-known of these is to log on to your server with an SSH connection and enter various commands in the terminal.


However, contrary to popular belief, it goes through a very challenging process for those who do not know this method to install it on your VDS or VPS server that you have purchased. In order to shorten these processes and to make the easiest Plesk Installation, Plesk has made these processes very easy for us and allows us to install them on their own websites.


After logging in to the address, we see three options for installation. These ;

  1. Install Automatically on a Linux Server
  2. Install Automatically on a Cloud Server
  3. Manual installation on Windows and Linux Servers


Among these options, the third most preferred option is manual installation. This is through making an ssh connection to our server and entering the codes written in that section, but as we mentioned above, this option seems complicated to many people.


Instead, Plesk Panel developers have activated the automatic installation in the 1st option for us to be able to install Plesk easily.


In this option, it will be sufficient to enter the server login information we received from the company from which we purchased the server service, through the browser, in the relevant fields, and press the next button. After this process, Plesk will connect to our server and perform the Plesk Panel installation process for us.


While the entire installation process is processing, you can see the progress on the browser, avoiding all possible wrong actions. After the process is over, you can copy the link on the screen and complete the login process to the Pleks Panel and start using the Plesk Panel you have set up by creating your username and password from that section.

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